Elisa Caldarola (2021), “Architecture and sites: a lesson from the categorization of artworks”, Croatian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

Several contemporary architects have designed architectural objects that are closely linked to their particular sites. An in-depth study of the relevant relationship holding between those objects and their sites is, however, missing. This paper addresses the issue, arguing that those architectural objects are akin to works of site-specific art. In section (1), I introduce the topic of the paper. In section (2), I critically analyse the debate on the categorisation of artworks as site-specific. In section (3), I apply to architecture the lesson learned from the analysis of the art debate.

Snøhetta, Oslo Opera House (2008)


Elisa Caldarola, “On Experiencing Installation Art”, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 78: 3, 2020.

Robert Irwin, Untitled, 1971, Walker Arts Centre

This paper is part of the symposium on installation art I co-edited with Gemma Argüello (UNAM), which presents articles by Argüello, Eleen Deprez (University of Kent), Ken Wilder (University of the Arts, London) and myself.